Blue Note Jazz Festival Presents

Eliane Elias

Friday, June 14, 2024
Doors: 6:00pm / Show: 8:00pm

Multi-Grammy Winner & Internationally Celebrated Pianist, Vocalist & Composer
New album TIME AND AGAIN features 8 original compositions
Includes “Sempre” Feat. Brazilian Superstar Djavan
Plus Special Guest Bill Frisell and More

“Time has multiple meanings for me on this album. It refers to the feel and groove of the music which have always been essential features in my music, but also, the tune titles and lyrics refer to aspects of time; past, present and future, as well as the passage of time. There are songs and musicians represented here from the earliest part of my musical journey to the present.”….Eliane Elias

With her new recording TIME AND AGAIN, internationally renowned Brazilian pianist, composer and vocalist Eliane Elias proves once more she is a multi-faceted, groundbreaking artist who continues to reach new heights in a brilliant career spanning decades. Straight off of her last two albums which earned GRAMMY® and Latin GRAMMY Awards plus multiple nominations, TIME AND AGAIN gives us Eliane’s unique blend of her Brazilian roots and her mastery of jazz, R&B and popular song.

Produced with her long-standing team of Marc Johnson and Steve Rodby, Time And Again showcases Elias’ exceptional songwriting with 8 original compositions. Featured musicians on the album include guitarists Conrado Goys, Marcus Teixeira and Daniel Santiago, along with Marc Johnson on acoustic bass, Marcelo Mariano on electric bass, and drummers Edu Ribeiro and Cuca Teixeira. Guest artists include vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, drummer Peter Erskine, the exceptional guitarist Bill Frisell, percussionists Marivaldo dos Santos and Davi Vieira, and the background vocals of Mark Kibble. Of special note is the legendary Brazilian composer, singer and pop star, Djavan, who appears on the first single release “Sempre.” “He has such a distinctive and wonderful voice,” Eliane states. “We had spoken in the past about doing something together, and I was thrilled that we found a way to make it happen. I wrote the tune ‘Sempre’ (Always) with him in mind, realizing what we have in common and where our lives in music intersect. The song has a Brazilian backbeat groove, the lyric talks about how we come from the same place (Brazil), about our music carrying the sound of the country that formed us both, and about our love of performing and bringing that love and music to people.”

The music on TIME AND AGAIN reflects the level of artistry and ingenuity Elias has demonstrated throughout her career, surprising us time and again with her creative ability. This time she has produced an album of her own compositions with lyrics both in English and Portuguese. Three of the titles included here were previously recorded as instrumentals. For these sessions Eliane has given the songs new personalities. “I chose to reimagine three songs from my catalogue of over 130 original compositions, either by adding a lyric as was the case with ‘At First Sight,’ or a new tempo and rhythmic feel on ‘It’s Time,’ or a whole new arrangement as I did with ‘A Volta.’ Through the process, I discovered another layer of emotional depth in the music and realized again just how much of an influence the three years of touring I did with the great poet and master lyricist Vinícius de Moraes has had on me as a lyricist myself.”

Mark Kibble, arranger for Take 6, first worked with Eliane on her 2015 GRAMMY winning album Made in Brazil. Since then Mark has been a frequent guest on her recordings. For TIME AND AGAIN he created background vocals on 6 of the 8 songs. Says Eliane, “Mark beautifully accentuates what’s going on in the foreground, always right on target in support of the emotional message of the song, the melody, the harmony and the lyric. I love the way his ideas combine with mine. I really feel we have a special affinity in music and together, we’ve created a very unique sound.”

This sound is in full bloom from the start. The overarching melody of the opening track, “At First Sight” is a story in itself. The lyric and music together reveal just how overwhelming and ultimately exhilarating it feels to fall in love in an instant. “Falo do Amor” (I Talk About Love) is dedicated to Eliane’s granddaughter Lucy, whom she says is a constant source of joy and inspiration. “Minha Lucy Iluminada” (My Illuminated Lucy) who brings so much beauty, love, and joy to my life,” Eliane states in her dedication. “It’s Time” is a standout track highlighting Eliane’s seductive vocals gracefully gliding over the pulsing groove and lockdown rhythm work by bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Peter Erskine. “It was first recorded as an instrumental ballad on Marc’s album Swept Away in 2012,” Eliane notes. “The message is about accepting life’s changes with hope. The music is exuberant while the lyric is about knowing when it’s time to fold your cards and leave the table.” “How Many Times” is a dreamy, hypnotic sonic adventure that finds the leader’s graceful vocal expression backed by supple contributions by two special guests – vibraphonist Mike Maineiri and guitar great Bill Frisell. Says Eliane, “This song is contemplative and for me is a reminder to slow down and stay patient in the face of seemingly overwhelming circumstances.” “A Volta” (The Return), is a contemporary Brazilian groove set in ¾ time. The Portuguese lyric describes that feeling of anticipation waiting for something or someone to return. “Making Honey” is a fun, tongue-in-cheek second-line groove where Eliane wonders if others can recognize romance all around as she does. “Too Late,” the final track on the album, portrays someone in the throes of regret over a relationship that reached its end.

Over the course of her distinguished career, Eliane Elias has consistently displayed the ability to integrate the many artistic roles she takes on. With her 2022 GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY winning album Mirror Mirror, she showcased her mastery of the piano and improvisation in a collection of duets with Chucho Valdés and Chick Corea. With 2023’s GRAMMY and LATIN GRAMMY nominated follow up Quietude, her intoxicating vocals took center stage singing Brazilian standards. With this latest album, her songwriting skills are once again in the forefront showcasing her alluring voice and masterful musicianship, cementing her status as the reigning queen of Brazilian jazz. This is another landmark recording marking Eliane Elias’ brilliant musical journey. Through her music one comes to the profound affirmation that life truely is beautiful. You’ll want to listen TIME AND AGAIN.

More about Eliane Elias

Born in Brazil, Elias’ musical talents began to show at an early age. She started studying piano at age seven and at a 12 was transcribing solos from the great jazz masters. By the time she was 15, she was teaching piano and improvisation at one of Brazil’s most prestigious schools of music. Her performing career began in Brazil at age 17, working with Brazilian singer/songwriter Toquinho and the great poet Vinicius de Moraes, who was also Antonio Carlos Jobim’s co-writer/lyricist. In 1981, she headed for New York and in 1982 landed a spot in the acclaimed group Steps Ahead. Her first solo album release was a collaboration with Randy Brecker in 1984 entitled Amanda and in 1986 Eliane was signed to Blue Note Records.

With 32 albums released and over 2.5 million sold to date, Eliane Elias boasts 500 million streams at Spotify (with over 33 million streams alone on her song “Little Paradise.”) She has toured 77 countries, is a four-time Gold Disc Award recipient, a three-time Best Vocal Album winner in Japan and winner of the 2018 Edison Lifetime Achievement Award in Holland. Her 2019 and 2021 albums (Love Stories and Mirror Mirror) were both voted “Downbeat’s Best Album of the Year – Masterpiece” and as most of her previous releases, her recordings hit #1 on the jazz charts worldwide. Eilane has received eleven GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY nominations, in 5 different categories with two GRAMMYS and two Latin GRAMMY Award wins to date.

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