Monsieur Periné

Monsieur Perine

The heart and soul of Colombia can be heard through every song performed by Monsieur Periné, which is a group co-founded by lead singer Catalina García and Santiago Prieto who plays a combination of guitar, violin & charango. They first played together during Holy Week 2007 that took place in the outskirts of Bogotá.

Their combination of Afro-Colombian, Latin and European sounds has been enchanting audiences since their humble beginnings playing weddings and parties. Upon winning a competition by performing a cover from The Triplets of Belleville at the Alianza Francesa, Monsieur Periné started gaining more recognition that culminated in being invited to the Estereo Picnic Festival.

As a result of their growing popularity, Monsieur Periné released their first album titled Hecho a Mano in 2012. And the band made quite the first impression by winning Colombia’s national gold album award and two Premios Shock, which is the country’s most notable music awards, due to the joy people took in hearing singles including:

  • “Suin Romanticon”
  • “La Muerte”
  • “Cou-Cou”
  • “Huracán” featuring Yayo Gonzáles
  • “La Ciudad”

Nuestra Canción

The most notable single from the Monsieur Periné catalog is “Nuestra Canción,” which translates to English as “Our Song.” Matching the beauty of the beat are the lyrics that speak to love and the yearning to be with the one you care for the most. It really resonated during the pandemic to the point where the song became a viral sensation in early 2022.

“Nuestra Canción” is the opening track on the second Monsieur Periné album titled Caja de Música and features Dominican musician Vicente García, who has seen success as a solo artist and with alt rock band Calor Urbano. “No Hace Falta,” “Llore” and “Tu M’as Promis.” are the follow-up singles from this record.

As a result of “Nuestra Canción” and the album as a whole, the band was named the Best New Artist during the 2015 Latin Grammy Awards and was nominated for Album of the Year as part of the same awards and Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album during the 2016 Grammys.

Monsieur Periné Tour

Caja de Música was truly Monsieur Periné’s breakout, as they released their third record Encanto Tropical in 2018 that also received Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Award nominations. Album single “Bailar Contigo” also received Latin Grammy Award nominations for Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

When you see them in concert, Accompanying García and Prieto when Monsieur Periné go on tour are their band who consist of:

  • Darwin Páez on drums
  • Miguel Guerra on percussion
  • Abstin Caviedes on horns
  • Jairo A. Barrera on horns
  • Eva Peroni on bass


A Monsieur Periné tour goes around the world due to their immense popularity and you’ll hear their diverse catalog of songs including “Volverte a Ver” that gained notoriety after being the subject of a TikTok contest in 2021 focused on reuniting fans with their loved ones post-pandemic and “Nada” that will appear on their next album.

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