Lit Band

Lit Band

When you think of the Orange County hard rock scene, one of the first bands that comes to mind is Lit. They’ve been a staple of that scene since the late ‘80s when guitarist Jeremy Popoff, bassist Kevin Baldes & Jeremy’s younger brother A. Jay Popoff on vocals formed Razzle.

Their bond and musical prowess strengthened, with the group eventually changing their name to Stain until the band called themselves Lit in 1995. A year later, the band’s debut album Tripping the Light Fantastic was released and showcased the group’s signature heavy grunge-influenced pop punk sound that was even further popularized with the release of their second record A Place in the Sun.

My Own Worst Enemy

The song most synonymous with Lit is “My Own Worst Enemy” because of its ability to top the charts, how it was one of the more memorable tunes played at Woodstock ‘99 and being named the Modern Rock Track of the Year as part of that year’s Billboard Music Awards.

The song’s opening line “Can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk?” is one that always brings you back to the late ‘90s. “My Own Worst Enemy” is also one of the most iconic songs in the entire pop punk genre because of its theme of waking up the morning after a night where you royally screwed up.

The track also helped make Lit’s A Place in the Sun a big seller as the new millennium dawned. In fact, the song went double platinum 21 years after its initial release on May 8, 2020.

Lit Band Songs

Another track off of the Lit album A Place in the Sun that made waves is “Miserable” not only due to its catchy riffs, but its famous music video that saw the band playing on top of and eventually being devoured by a giant version of Pamela Anderson. The record also featured another hit single called “Zip-Lock.”

The group’s followup record Atomic came out in 2001, which gave Lit band fans tracks including “Lipstick and Bruises,” “Over My Head” and “Addicted.” After leaving RCA in 2004, they released a self-titled album with singles “Looks Like They Were Right” and “Times Like This” getting radio play.

Other songs that the group produced after Lit founding member Allen Shellenberger’s untimely passing in 2009 due to brain cancer include:

  • “You Tonight” from the band’s 2012 comeback album The View from the Bottom
  • “The Broken” from the same record
  • “Fast” and “Good Problem to Have” from the 2017 These Are the Days album
  • “Kicked Off The Plane” off of the band’s newly released album Tastes Like Gold

Lit Concert

Whether you’re a Lit band enthusiast throughout their whole storied career or want to take a nostalgic trip back to the late ‘90s, you’ll enjoy seeing them perform in concert. They not only strum out all of their classic hits, but they’ll also play some deeper cuts off of their albums and possibly from their pre-Lit days.

When there’s a Lit concert in a town near you, you may become your own worst enemy if you decide to not take the opportunity to make a fun night of it.

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