Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson American singer and songwriter Blue Erro Soul

Eric Roberson, an American singer, songwriter, former rapper, and music producer, was born on September 27, 1976. Later, his record label took the name Blue Erro Soul, derived from his stage name Erro.

In a genre dominated by major labels, synthesized music, and mainstream radio, Eric Roberson continued to push the boundaries as an independent musician.

Eric Roberson’s Albums

Eric accomplished significant milestones in his career, from being a successful songwriter and producer for well-known artists like Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, Dwele, Vivian Green, and countless others, to headlining sold-out tours across the country. He is the original pioneer of the independent movement in R&B/Soul music.

In 1994, a major label published Eric Roberson’s debut single, “The Moon,” but his record album was never made public. In the same year, Warner Bros. Records released his debut song, “Represent,” and he also completed an unreleased album for the company. After appearing in several musicals and plays, he was offered a songwriting contract by the EMI record company.

Eric Roberson’s Lessons

Consistently speaking to his devoted audience through lyrics, Eric Roberson expresses their desires, needs, joys, and love. That explains how he built a long career that featured 16 albums, sold-out concerts, and the titles of independent music king and elder statesman.

He is a performer who keeps an eye on what appeals to his long standing committed fans and others just learning about his music. His 2021 single “Lessons” received a tremendous response, which served as a lead-in to his later-released album of the same name.

The album “Lessons” tells the tale of a man who, moments before his wedding, looks back on his life and considers how all the things that went wrong in prior relationships helped him do it right this time.

Eric Roberson is a well-known songwriter and successful recording artist, in addition to being a fantastic live performer who has sold out music venues all over the country and abroad. Since 2001, Eric has been an independent musician, making “Honest Music.”

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