Sons of Cream


KOFI BAKER and MALCOLM BRUCE both have deep roots going back to the birth of the 60’s British Blues R&B Rock Explosion.

Here they honour the incredible legacy of their fathers GINGER BAKER and JACK BRUCE alongside their bandmate ERIC CLAPTON in an exciting show featuring the music of CREAM and beyond through their project SONS OF CREAM..

But this isn’t your typical tribute act, these men have a strange multidimensional pedigree. It is purely second nature as they dive inside the music, bringing it alive, like a living organism, like a second skin, all constantly morphing into something new. They have big shoes to fill. And through some kind of genetic imprint, and intuitive sense, they arrive at the true heart of what Cream’s music stands for and are truly making it their own.

Together they are bringing to light the spirit and pure energy and audacity of the music of their fathers.

So sit back, take a trip – back, forward, but especially in the now. That’s where the magic happens.

The Cream kids Kofi and Malcolm are SONS OF CREAM and are carrying the legacy forward..

With very special guest ROB JOHNSON on guitar.

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