If you think you know what to expect from Leprous, then you are about to have your world shaken up. Because ‘Pitfalls’, the Norwegian band’s sixth studio album, is like nothing else they have ever done.

“This is honestly the album nobody expects from us,” says a clearly proud Einar Solberg. The vocalist/keyboard player feels it will make everyone reassess exactly how they perceive the band, who started in 2001 and have taken firm steps in their development on each of their previous five records. “You might think you understand where it’s all going as each track plays. But once you reach the end of the album, you will really sit there and wonder what just happened!”

Solberg and the rest of the band – guitarists Tor Oddmund Suhrke and Robin Ognedal, bassist Simen Børven and drummer Baard Kolstad – believe this album, titled ‘Pitfalls’, is a leap of faith into fresh, exciting, and challenging territory.

This is, without doubt, the biggest departure Leprous have ever musically made. In no sense can it be described as a metal album, but what these musicians have done is come up with their own sound, which sets them apart from anyone else. Now, Leprous have never been a band that cared about genres. It’s always been about making the music they wanted and then leaving it to others to put a tag on it. But with this album, they have taken the process a lot further than ever before.

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