Frankie Quinones


Frankie Quiñones is a stand-up comedian, actor, and creator best known for his character work. Frankie stars in the new ABC Studios Hulu show ‘This Fool’ from creators Chris Estrada, Fred Armisen, Jake Weisman, Pat Bishop, and Matt Ingebretson.

His new podcast ‘The Frankie Quinines Show’, presented by Will Ferrell’s Big Money Players Network and iHeart Radio, features sketches of colorful characters based on the friends and family that helped shape him into the powerhouse comedian he is today.

Frankie tours as himself but also as Creeper (a reformed cholo turned fitness guru) and Juanita Carmelita (a spicy suburban drama queen). Frankie’s characters have racked up millions of views, and Creeper’s Cholofit exercise routines have become viral sensations. Frankie’s repertoire of characters also includes party bro Afradooshie, feel-good guardian angel Pachanga, and he’s got plenty more ready to debut. Frankie Quiñones brings a performance compared to a one-man variety show.

He recently costarred in a Lifetime movie alongside Mario Lopez, entitled Feliz Navidad, and was a series regular on TBS’ The Dress Up Gang. His half-hour HBO MAX special SUPERHOMIES premiered summer 2021.

In addition to his stand-up and online sketches, Frankie voices key characters in Cartoon Network’s VICTOR AND VALENTINO, and in HBO MAX’s upcoming animated series, FIRED ON MARS. Additionally, he has made appearances on Comedy Central, HBO, TBS, and Nickelodeon.

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