Brian Tseng


STR Network 薩泰爾娛樂創辦人暨內容長,曾任台灣第一檔深夜秀《博恩夜夜秀》第一季至第三季之主持人兼主創、台灣大型現場火烤喜劇代表《炎上 BURN》之編導。經營個人YouTube頻道《Stand up, Brian! 博恩站起來!》及Podcast節目《博音》。

每年固定舉辦大型喜劇專場,為第一位登上台北國際會議中心及台北流行音樂中心演出的單口喜劇演員。演出節目《另存新檔》、《雙聲道 BliveT》、《三重標準》入場人次皆破萬。專場錄影於串流平台上架後,創下開賣三天內購買人數破萬的銷售紀錄。2019年受邀參加第四季《脫口秀亞洲瘋》,成為台灣第一位登上Comdey Central Asia的喜劇演員。


Brian Tseng is the founder and chief content officer (CCO) of STR Network; main creator and host of the first late-night show in Taiwan, “The Night Night Show with Brian Tseng”; writer and director of the most iconic live roast show in Taiwan, “BURN”. He also runs his own YouTube channel with 540k subscribers and hosts a weekly podcast that tallies 120k listeners per episode.

Brian writes and performs a new stand up comedy routine every year. He was the first stand-up comedian to perform at the Taipei International Convention Center and Taipei Music Center. His comedy specials “Save As”, “BliveT” and the interesting speech “Triple Standard” were attended by more than 10,000 people. When digital versions were released on streaming platforms, more than tens of thousands of people purchased in the first three days.

Brian also made an appearance in Season 4 of “Comedy Central Presents Stand-Up, Asia!” in 2019, becoming the first Taiwanese comedian to perform on Comedy Central Asia.

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